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Bauhaus X is:

  • The world leader and most recognized pioneer in Spectacular and MegaMurals Advertising.
  • Over 2600 Locations in America.
  • Works exclusively with Fortune 500 companies to provide the best in spectacular mega images.
  • Uses cutting edge technologies (AR/VR) embedded in Spectacular and MegaMurals to provide amazing, unforgettable experiences.
  • Perfect track record in creating the largest images in the world and generating the longest and most profitable media contracts in the industry.
  • Supergraphics and MegaMurals regularly featured on: Good Morning America, The Today Show, 20/20, ABC, NBC, CBS, The New York Times, L.A Times, Wall Street Journal, AOL, Yahoo, prime time TV shows, and syndicated radio shows.

partnership with

Bauhaus X is proud to announce a massive partnership with LG Electronics LED division.

Bauhaus X and LG Electronics will now deploy over 300 giant digital billboards in America within the next 3 years.

“We are very proud of this partnership with LG. It is an amazing achievement and at the same time an extension of a deeper partnership in our design bureau.

LG is our natural partner and we are looking forward to the future. Life is good!” Bauhaus X Chairman Arno Gasquet says.

“We are very much looking forward to use LG superior technology to provide an unparalleled experience to both advertiser and their customers.” Head of Bauhaus X IT Vladimir Kvashin says.

LG & Bauhaus X Digital Billboard

New LG & Bauhaus X Digital Billboard by Arno Gasquet


  • With over 3 Billion physical views a year worldwide, EPIC and MegaMurals create unique experiences and unparalleled brand memory.
  • The evolution in current marketing technology allows us to create enormous branding opportunities.
  • Using our proprietary EPIC PRIME™, we bring our giant skyscraper ads to life!
  • Supergraphics have the longest view times and tower over outdoor clutter. We cannot be ignored.
  • With over 500K to 1M cars passing by our iconic location everyday, we are dominating city landscape.

The process

If you are a building owner, well you are in luck!

We obtain all the proper permits for the site.

We fully insure the building against all liabilities.

Now the fun part…

We create an amazing advertising experience and get you the highest and longest possible contracts with Fortune 500 companies.

And we are very good at it… Our contracts have generated BILLIONS of dollars over the years.

Just Getting Started

Bauhaus X giant Supergraphics and MegaMurals cannot be skipped or blocked. Today’s busy consumers, especially the younger generations, are experts at advertising avoidance by choosing ad-free, paid media, or blocking ad insertions on free websites. Bauhaus X is much less threatened by this phenomenon than other traditional media as we are creating mind blowing size ads and creating a unique experience for the consumer.

Bauhaus X is expanding to brand new environments. We penetrate niche environments to engage the young urban population that is hard to reach through traditional media: offices, taxis, gyms, bars, retail, and more. We provide important targeting capabilities and programmatic opportunities.

Bauhaus X can address branding campaigns as well as lower path to purchase funnel activation. Out Of Home’s ubiquitous nature provides an innate ability to target consumers at or near the point-of-sale. Connected digital screens, usage of smartphone data, and marketing data allow marketers to target specific day parts, target groups, and location with increasing relevance.

Key Figures in OOH

OOH media reach at least half of the relevant consumer audience in most markets, placing it among TV and radio as a true mass medium.

While traditional billboards’ share of inventory in some countries is plateauing, in the US they are still the most noticed and most engaged-with type of OOH ad.

Supergraphics and MegaMurals are the top choice when it comes to highest impact and dominating the advertising market.

Some of Our Locations


  • Most iconic and recognizable hotel in LA
  • Over 1,5 M of visitors a year
  • One of the busiest street in LA
  • Clear visibility from freeway 101 with over 550,000K car a day
  • LAT: 34.052754 LONG: -118.255825


  • Most iconic location in LA
  • Over 10,000 sq. ft. of spectacular
  • Busiest street in LA and America
  • Over 1M vehicles a day
  • Illuminated
  • LAT: 34.101271 LONG: -118.325653


  • Iconic location
  • Over 10,000 sq. ft. of spectacular
  • Busiest street in LA and America
  • Facing Freeway 101
  • Very busy street
  • LAT: 34.075578 LONG: -118.287473

6801 Santa Monica Blvd

  • Over 4,000 sq. ft. of spectacular
  • Heart of Hollywood
  • One of LA busiest street (over 300K cars a day)
  • Corner with highland
  • Amazing visibility
  • LAT: 34.091044 LONG: -118.339391


  • Iconic LAX hotel
  • Over 95 M visitors at LAX a year
  • Over 7,000 sq. ft. of ads
  • Over 1,2 M guests a year
  • LAT: 33.946410 LONG: -118.390793

155 W Washington Blvd./10 FWY

  • Over 14,000 sq. ft. (2 sides) of Supergraphic imaging on the 10 Freeway
  • Less than 1.5 miles from Staples, LA Live, LA Convention Center
  • Over 500,000 cars a day pass this location
  • Hand Painted Mural
  • Amazing views and now with lights
  • LAT: 34.032065 LONG: -118.266210


  • *Beverly Hills location
  • 5 star Hotel. 5 Miles from Fox Studios
  • Unobstructed reads from Beverly Hills
  • Premium ad space facing Beverly Hills
  • Surrounded by exclusive, high-end shops, hotels, entertainment venues, restaurants, museums, and luxury car dealerships.
  • LAT: 34.055313 LONG: -118.398506


  • Over 4,000 sq. Ft. of ads
  • One of the busiest street in LA
  • Amazing visibility on both side
  • LAT: 34.061984 LONG: -118.342207


  • Over 6,000 sq. ft. of ads
  • One of downtown busiest street
  • Next to Disney concert hall
  • Lot of foot traffic
  • Great traffic with over 300,000 cars a day
  • LAT: 34.052550 LONG: -118.247223

Omniscient X

When advertising become
public interest and art

Creating amazing art / kiosk connected to the City Hall allowing the City, Police dept & Public Service to quickly and effortlessly spread a message such as public announcement, amber alert, fire alert, facial recognition and powered by solar & 5G.

Generating revenues that will contribute to the rapid growth and need of the city.

Keeping the citizen connected 24/7 by embedding Wi-Fi in each kiosk and providing direction.

Patented technology and design.



Some of Our Clients

Fortune Global 500 companies

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